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TANG, Fuchou
Lab Homepage: http://biopic.pku.edu.cn/zxcy/zxpi/269925.htm
Personal Homepage: http://
1994-1998 Peking University-B.S. in Cell Biology and Genetics
1998-2003 Peking University-Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Genetics
Professional Experience
2004-2010 Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
2010-Present Principal Investigator, BIOPIC, College of Life Sciences, Peking University
2017-Present Professor, BIOPIC, College of Life Sciences, Peking University
2015-Present Member of Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences
Honors and Awards
Top 10 Scientific and Technological Progresses of China in the year of 2014
Top 10 Scientific and Technological Progresses of China in the year of 2015
Top 10 Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China in the year of 2015
Top 10 Scientific Advances in Life Sciences of China in the year of 2019
Editorial Activities
2014 - 2017 Science Bulletin, Editorial Board Member
2015 - Present Genome Biology, Editorial Board Member
2016 - Present Open Biology, Editorial Board Member
2020 - Present Cell Stem Cell, Editorial Board Member
Research Interests
Stem cells have self-renewal ability and multi-lineage differentiation potential and are crucial for human embryonic development and adult life. Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of stem cell regulation is important for understanding human growth and development, and for its application of regeneration medicine for cure of human diseases. My lab focuses on the epigenetic regulation of human germline cell development as well as pluripotency and self-renewal ability of human pluripotent stem cells. Through this, we want to understand how the epigenetic factors regulate the gene expression network during human early embryonic development and germline development. We systematically developed single cell functional genomic sequencing technologies (single cell RNA-Seq, single cell DNA methylome sequencing, single cell COOL-seq, single cell CLEVER-seq, single cell Trio-seq techniques, etc.) and used these technologies as well as other cutting-edge technologies (gene editing, micromanipulation of mammalian embryos, culture of organoids, directed differentiations of human pluripotent stem cells, etc.) to decipher the molecular mechanisms of the gene regulation network in human early embryos and germline cells at single-cell and single-base resolution. Furthermore, we also explore the molecular mechanisms of germline cell disorders in human infertility situations.
Representative Peer-Reviewed Publications
1. Li L, Li L, Li Q, Liu X, Ma X, Yong J, Gao S, Wu X, Wei Y, Wang X, Wang W, Li R, Yan J, Zhu X, Wen L, Qiao J, Yan L*, Tang Fuchou*. Dissecting the epigenomic dynamics of human fetal germ cell development at single-cell resolution. Cell Research, doi.org/10.1038/s41422-020-00401-9 (2020) (*: Co-corresponding authors).
2. Fan X, Fu Y, Zhou X, Sun L, Yang M, Wang M, Chen R, Wu Q, Yong J, Dong J, Wen L, Qiao J*, Wang X*, Tang Fuchou*. Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals cell lineage specification in temporal-spatial patterns in human cortical development. Science Advances, 6: eaaz2978 (2020) (*: Co-corresponding authors).
3. Gao Y, Li L, Yuan P, Zhai F, Ren Y, Yan L, Li R, Lian Y, Zhu X, Wu X, Kee K, Wen L, Qiao J*, Tang Fuchou*. 5-Formylcytosine landscapes of human preimplantation embryos at single-cell resolution. PLOS Biology, doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.3000799 (2020) (*: Co-corresponding authors).
4. Yu K, Hu Y, Wu F, Guo Q, Qian Z, Hu W, Chen J, Wang K, Fan X, Wu X, Rasko J, Fan X, Iavarone A*, Jiang T*, Tang Fuchou*, Su X*. Surveying brain tumor heterogeneity by single-cell RNA sequencing of multi-sector biopsies. National Science Review, doi.org/10.1093/nsr/nwaa099 (2020) (*: Co-corresponding authors).
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8. Zhang XM, Wu K, Zheng Y, Zhao H, Gao J, Hou Z, Zhang M, Liao J, Zhang J, Gao Y, Li Y, Li L, Tang Fuchou*, Chen ZJ*, Li J*. In vitro expansion of human sperm through nuclear transfer. Cell Research, 30: 356-359 (2020) (*: Co-corresponding authors).
9. Chen Y, Lyu R, Rong B, Zheng Y, Lin Z, Dai R, Zhang X, Xie N, Wang S, Tang Fuchou*, Lan F*, Tong MH*. Refined spatial temporal epigenomic profiling reveals intrinsic connection between PRDM9-mediated H3K4me3 and the fate of double-stranded breaks. Cell Research, 30: 256-268 (2020) (*: Co-corresponding authors).
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