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Spatiotemporal functional organization of excitatory synaptic inputs onto macaque V1 neurons


Dr. Shiming Tang published a paper in Nature Communications.

The integration of synaptic inputs onto dendrites provides the basis for neuronal computation. Whereas recent studies have begun to outline the spatial organization of synaptic inputs on individual neurons, the underlying principles related to the specific neural functions are not well understood. Here we perform two-photon dendritic imaging with a genetically-encoded glutamate sensor in awake monkeys, and map the excitatory synaptic inputs on dendrites of individual V1 superficial layer neurons with high spatial and temporal resolution. We find a functional integration and trade-off between orientation-selective and color-selective inputs in basal dendrites of individual V1 neurons. Synaptic inputs on dendrites are spatially clustered by stimulus feature, but functionally scattered in multidimensional feature space, providing a potential substrate of local feature integration on dendritic branches. Furthermore, apical dendrite inputs have larger receptive fields and longer response latencies than basal dendrite inputs, suggesting a dominant role for apical dendrites in integrating feedback in visual information processing.

Original link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-14501-y